About Georgia Folk Art

Georgia has a lot tradition of native folk art that has shaped a number of mainstream trends and styles over the years. The fact that Georgia is seldom seen as a trend setter doesn’t impact the quality and variety that comes from the artisans you will find in the region.

When you shop for folk art there are plenty of directions this wonderful expressive style can take you. You see, folk art is as varied as the artists that are creating these beautiful works. There are a number of influential artisans as well as craftsmen and and women that have been shaping the unique works that you will see as the basis for many of the trends you’ll find in your local shops.

Artists such as: Mattie Lou O’Kelley, Eddie Martin, Nellie Mae Rowe, Reuben A. Miller, and Ulysses Davis were all influential in creating the many intricacies of the Georgian art scene.

These artists have tackled many forms of creative expression, from an illustrious career as a film director as in Ulysses Davis or prolific writers, poets, painters, and sculptures, artists from our lovely State have been shaping the way for a modern set of talented individuals. Now it is their turn to shape the for a whole palette of new and breathtaking works.

We have always had what you could call a special draw to folk art. But what is this folk art you hear us talking about?

Depending on when you grew up and how you experienced the various movements folk art might mean something very different to you than it does to me.

When I speak of folk art I am doing so in the boldest of terms. Rather than focusing on the individual movements, the 1920s gave birth to the first embers of the art, the 60s saw a reform, and to this day the different artists have breathed their own set of traits into what they saw as their art. Because much like the form itself I see them as one in the same. A folk art is one that is passed down from generation to generation, inspiring new artisans to take on the form and infuse it with their special characteristics.

For this the Georgian folk art scene has a fascinating and versatile history.

If you were to only focus on one small aspect you would miss out on a rustic part of our heritage.