That Touch of the South

One of the most invigorating things that ties us together with the art and culture that we live with on a daily basis is the influence that it has on the world around us. Everyday we are caught up in a whirlwind of sites and sounds created by those that we live with. In so we are treated to a lively culture that, if we are not careful, we take for granted.

Many of the different aspects that are influenced by these cultural treats are not only the arts that we enjoy, but they are the decorations that adorn our homes, gardens and bodies.

Every State as a whole has its own style, features that shape it and its inhabitants. The down to earth nature of Georgian folk art is one that is appreciated by everyone that takes the time to get to know it. Folk art is the traditional art form of GA, one that has been passed down and shaped for generations. And it is these often self-taught artisans that illicit the most emotion, set the biggest trends, and make the most impact on a cultural level.

Being able to look at the art, look at our communities, and see the correlation among them is one that will set you apart from those that simple “like pretty trinkets.”

Because there is some much you can gain from these beautiful works of art.

So the next time you walk down Main Street and see the wares of the various craftsmen and craftswomen in the store windows, look at them with the understand of what they are. Look at them and understand that you aren’t looking at mass produced commercial works, you are looking at a a piece of your community, your culture, and our combined heritage.

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