The Peach State

Every State is known for something, here in Georgia we’re known for two things; our peaches that are the best in the nation and for our unique and captivating folk art.

Even though we love our peaches, the what we want to focus on is the latter of the two; Georgia’s flourishing folk art scene (past as well as present).

There are only a few things as rewarding as the sights and sounds created by the many fabulous artisans that call Georgia their home.

Little do people know that the folk art traditions of Georgia are long and prosperous stretching back more than a hundred years. Where talented individuals worked tirelessly to shape what we now call traditional works, or expanded out into a variety of creative industries. Had you been born a hundred years ago you may have been enthralled in the latest greatest silent film from a director that stemmed from Georgia, Ulysses Davis.

Not only have artists from Georgia branched out into other industries taking them by storm, they have taken traditional art scenes by storm with the creative works that they produced.

Not only are GA artists able to turn heads in the art world, they are also trend setters. People, who’s creative vision is so special they set precedence with their work.

The Peach State is one of those unique places in our great country where you will find the most extraordinary people, art, and well why not. Peaches.

GAFA is a place for you to experience all three of them. Though the peaches will be at best seasonal.

If you have an interest in folk art of Georgia (and a wee bit from the surrounding area) intend to make time. This is a region that alive with not only orchards but a healthy ecosystem of visionary artists and craftsmen.

Gob bless.

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